20 April, 2018

Facts about growing garlic

It’s very important to know how? When? And when to start a garlic harvest, the study of the soil, the climate and the seasons of the […]
10 April, 2018

Some interesting notes on garlic

Garlic, whose scientific name is Allium Sativum, is the bulb of an annual perennial plant of the Liliaceae family, to which other well-known plants such as […]
27 March, 2018

Weather conditions for garlic

Garlic is one of the best natural antibiotics, ingesting it constantly helps prevent disease and is used as a natural antibiotic since it improves our health, […]
19 March, 2018

Natural antibiotic garlic

An antibiotic is a chemical produced by a living organism or synthetic derivative used to treat infections caused by bacteria and fungi. The inappropriate use of […]