4 February, 2019

Article of the magazine

The new article of CAUDAL DE EXTREMADURA magazine has as its central question the alternative crops that are becoming the new stars of irrigation. The intensive […]
1 February, 2019

Meeting garlic contact group of the Mixed Committee Hispano-Franco-Italiano-Portuguese

The Cooperativa Extremeña de Ajos de Aceuchal participated a few days ago in the meeting of the Contact Group of Garlic of the Mixed Committee Hispano-Franco-Italiano-Portuguese […]
31 January, 2019

Arriero Garlic Recipe

Ingredients 3 pieces of cod 2 Potatoes 1 Cooked Egg Olive Oil Garlic (El Ajero of Aceuchal) Parsley     Elaboration Cook the chopped potatoes together […]
21 January, 2019

Garlic and Health: basic information

Garlic, as it is scientifically known, Allium Sativum, is classified within the category of calls, which is a family within the amarilidáceas. In addition to all […]