22 March, 2019

Red lentils stewed

INGREDIENTS 300 Gr approx. of lentils red Camino Astur de Codilex 1 Small onion ½ Leek 2 garlic cloves El Ajero ¼ Red pepper and ½ […]
12 March, 2019

Garlic contact group met to analyze the sector

Garlic has become not only a kitchen helper, but also an ally of health. Its properties are manifold: it improves digestion, allows nutrients to be absorbed […]
25 February, 2019

Interview of the magazine Extremadura21 to Carlos Dobado, manager of our cooperative

Carlos Dobado (Coop. Extremeña de Ajos de Aceuchal):"We were pioneers with the peeled garlic clove and we are now with the fried garlic snack" At the […]
21 February, 2019

Details of the Fruit Logistic Berlin recent

Fruit Logistic, in which the Cooperativa Extremeña de Ajos de Aceuchal has participated, is the most important international fair in the business of fruit and vegetables. This […]