3 July, 2018

Garlic soap

INGREDIENTS 200 g of bread loaf 4 eggs 10 g of paprika 100 g of garlic from Aceuchal (El Ajero) 50 g of ham 1 L […]
25 June, 2018

Grilled Rabbit With Garlic Cream

INGREDIENTS 1 whole rabbit Olive oil salt and pepper. For the garlic cream: 3 cloves of garlic from Aceuchal (El Ajero) 400 ml of liquid cream […]
15 June, 2018

Benefits of garlic in the blood

Garlic has been grown for more than 7,000 years in the world, being a plant that mainly had its origins in Asia and later became popular […]
3 June, 2018

Garlic and its gastronomic uses

Your mother’s or grandmother’s recipes would never be the same without garlic, or would you dare say otherwise? The use of this vegetable in the kitchen […]