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Are you looking for Wholesale Garlic Suppliers? ➜ We produce, supplier and exporter Top Quality peeled & fresh garlic wholesale from Spain to United States, European Union, Canada, Brazil, China, India and other countries.

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Spanish Garlic Producers

We are Certified Fresh and Peeled Spanish Garlic Producers, Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters worldwide. Buy now top quality whole and Peeled Garlic Spanish white and spring violet wholesale.

Our entire planting and cultivation garlic bulbs, so as manufacturing peeled garlic clovesprocess has been fully mechanized. Thanks to which, we have low cost production and we can do High Quality Peeled and fresh garlic for sale to very cheap prices. Check our Bulk Garlic Prices for delivery in your country ➜ +34 924 687 404 ☏

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COOP. EXTREMEÑA DE AJOS DE ACEUCHAL, S.C., born with the enthusiasm and sacrifice of a group of farmers. Here, apply knowledge, experience and tradition, acquired and inherited generation after generation.

Our experience has made us grow and develop. To do this, we reap a product with all necessary quality controls, implementing a traceability system and always with respect for the environment.

We have modern facilities that allow us to move forward and provide a wide range of products ranging from Fresh Garlic in heads, through the Natural Peeled Garlic and Garlic Pasta.

Formed by a great team, we strive for continuous improvement. Our mission is to harvest garlic quality and to provide a personalized service to our customers.


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