Prepare natural fresh garlic pasta and enjoy its benefits for your health 

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2 March, 2018
Natural antibiotic garlic
19 March, 2018
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Prepare natural fresh garlic pasta and enjoy its benefits for your health 

Garlic paste is a very practical ingredient to be used as a base in the realization of different recipes. In addition, it can be used as a dressing for breads or other foods. Garlic paste can be found in supermarkets in an industrial way. But in this way, it has preservatives and additives that eliminate many of the beneficial properties of its ingredients. Therefore, its consumption is recommended in a natural way, made at home and with fresh garlic.

Fresh garlic contains an amino acid of the type sulphurous called Alina. When cutting, crushing or fracturing the bulb, the Alina is transformed into Allicin. This is an antiseptic active principle that is rich in fluorine, iodine, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, vitamins A, B and C; among other elements that make it a fungicide and antibiotic of excellent quality and of natural origin.

Garlic is a medicinal plant that also provides an additional flavor to meals, therefore, it is used throughout the world. In nature, there are varieties of garlic-purple, pink, white, and violet-. Although one of the most used given its excellent properties and quality is the white garlic or Spanish white garlic; grown in Andalusia, Castilla and León. That is why this species is the main ingredient in the preparation of garlic pasta, both in an artisanal and industrial way.

Uses of Garlic Pasta

Garlic paste is used throughout the world in an industrialized way. Its use is mainly in the gastronomic area. However, garlic lovers and those who know the benefits of the consumption of this species often make garlic pasta in their homes for both food and medicinal use.

The garlic paste is a dressing in almost all recipes of Mediterranean cuisine, as it provides a very pleasant taste to the dishes. Specialists in the field recommend garlic in pasta even more than garlic powder and ensure that this mixture combines the basis for good health and good food. Are you interested in preparing garlic pasta? Continue reading this article.

How to prepare the garlic paste

The methods of preparing the garlic paste vary according to the function that will be given and the taste and style of the person who makes it. There are those who add aromatic herbs, pepper or onions to the preparation, but the main basic ingredient is fresh white garlic. We will show you the recipe below:

Ingredients for a cup:

-2 heads of white and fresh Spanish garlic

½ teaspoon sea salt or regular salt

1/3 cup olive oil


– Chop the garlic in half to remove the shell that surrounds each grain and wash them well.

– Grind the garlic in a mortar or put it in the blender until you get a cream or puree. The ideal texture of the pasta is thick.

– Add olive oil and salt once the garlic is crushed. You can also add oil and salt to the blender along with the garlic.

– Finally, introduce the paste in a sterile glass container with a tight lid.

If you choose to keep the pasta in a fresh state, avoid adding salt and olive oil and add only a little water.

 Fresh garlic paste for medicinal purposes

As fresh garlic is an antibiotic and fungicide of natural origin, garlic paste intended for medicinal use can be used topically to prevent infections and eliminate internal and external rashes or parasites. The recipe for the preparation of medicinal garlic paste is as follows:


– 3 tablespoons of olive oil

– A head of fresh, crushed or liquefied white garlic

– 3 tablespoons of almond oil or coconut. (Optional)


– Peel the garlic and crush them, preferably in the blender.

– Once the fresh garlic has been crushed, add three tablespoons of olive oil and three tablespoons of coconut oil in a glass container. Mix the ingredients together. To extract lumps, you can sift the mixture and the final result is added in a glass jar. You can keep it at room temperature or keep it longer in the refrigerator.

Properties of natural garlic pasta

Garlic paste has beneficial health properties in addition to being an excellent dressing for meals by adding an extra delicious flavor to food. This is due to the individual properties of the ingredients used in the preparation of the garlic paste; such as white garlic and olive oil.

Properties and benefits of olive oil

Olive oil contains multiple properties for health and beauty. This oil is a source of antioxidants, prevents premature aging, helps reduce bad cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory nutrients. In addition to that, it contributes to weight loss because it provides a feeling of fullness when consumed.

People who consume olive oil are less likely to get cancer. This is because olive oil has anti-carcinogenic properties. This oil is also an ally against diabetes, lowers blood pressure, helps strengthen the immune system, moisturizes the skin and can prevent mental deterioration.

Properties and benefits of Spanish white garlic

Spanish white garlic, like other garlic species, such as purple garlic, has countless properties and has been used for centuries as a treatment for certain generally infectious conditions. It is an effective natural antibiotic and contains a high nutritional value, it has few calories and is an excellent source of antioxidants. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s, reduces the risk of heart problems, lowers blood pressure, and so on.