Mexican beef soup
20 September, 2018
8 October, 2018
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Meat bomb of Toledo


250g pork

250g beef

80 g ham

1 onion

1 green pepper



100g butter

1/2 spoon of black pepper

1/2 spoon of nutmeg

1 guindilla

2kg of potatoes

2 eggs

125 ml of milk





Mixed minced pork, the beef and the ham with onions, peppers and parsley. All minced.

Put a skillet over medium heat with the butter and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Saute ground beef with black pepper, nutmeg, cayenne ( guindilla) and half teaspoon salt .

When the meat is well sautéed but not too much so it is not dry , reserve it on a sieve to remove all the butter .

Put in a pot with water the potatoes and cook it (whole and peeled ) . When they are tender, drain and throw in a bowl.

Shred the potatoes with a fork or the like , add an egg and butter that you are having reserved of meat sauce . Mix well until you get a fine puree . You have to be quick so that the potatoes don´t became cold.

Prepare a bowl with egg with milk ( 125 ml ) and another bowl with breadcrumbs.

Takes a spoon potato wedges and make a ball with it the size of a ball (like the palm of your hand), make a hole with your thumb and introduces the mince we prepared in the first step. Closes the hole and give way to the bomb! .

All this has to do with the hot potato being careful not to burn .

Pass the bombs to the breadcrumbs and then by beaten egg with the milk. Then by the breadcrumbs again with care not to lose the form .

Fry in hot olive oil until the bombs are golden .



You can also serve them with a salad.