Garlic and Health: basic information

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8 January, 2019
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31 January, 2019
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Garlic and Health: basic information

Garlic, as it is scientifically known, Allium Sativum, is classified within the category of calls, which is a family within the amarilidáceas. In addition to all those aspects, animals have become a well-known and cultivated food throughout the world. This is a plant of species and a wide morphological and physiological variety.

It is about obtaining the content of the countries in the Asian continent, the products of origin, time, introduction, introduction and development in the future. It is estimated that this food has been cultivated for approximately 7000 years, so it can be obtained in almost all the typical dishes of many nations around the world.

There is recent research that proves the ancient communities of Greece and India. The reality is 17 ° C, fertilization, clay soils, humid and permanent irrigation. Only with this can you guarantee a successful harvest of garlic for many years.

The great popularity of this ingredient is that it not only adapts to many dishes, but also to a unique flavor. Some of the most popular foods with garlic are: the garlic mojo, the garlic soup, the chicken with garlic and the Andalusian gazpacho. How can you see around the world? What can be done?


At present, it was already known that fresh garlic could be used for other things in addition to seasoning their food, this was so because they know all the chemical composition that exists within a single garlic. This ingredient has sulfoxide, essential oils, garlicina, homogeneous polysaccharides, triterpene saponins, mineral salts, vitamins A, B1, B3, B6 and C. In addition to adenosine.Besides all that, it also has iron, silica, sulfur and iodine, so garlic is a very effective natural medicine. That is why the ancient Egyptians used this ingredient to cure small diseases such as the flu or headache. It was believed that if it was mixed with other ingredients such as herbs, honey and other foods that were believed to also have healing properties.


The good news is that other uses of garlic have now been discovered, we have found some information about them, so we bring it all to you next. Naturopathic medicine is the one that introduces us to this pharmacological world with garlic, among which you can cure blood pressure, cholesterol, improve insulin levels in the blood, heal pain in the colon, stomach and prostate.Among the most outstanding benefits of natural medicine made with garlic is the prevention of cancer.