Garlic and its gastronomic uses
3 June, 2018
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25 June, 2018
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Benefits of garlic in the blood

Garlic has been grown for more than 7,000 years in the world, being a plant that mainly had its origins in Asia and later became popular in many countries, thanks to its multiple properties.

The advantages of garlic are varied but one of the best known is that it provides infinite benefits in the blood.

In this sense, garlic is able to inhibit platelet aggregation that makes it impossible for blood clots to form and prevents blood vessel blockages that can have fatal consequences.

A thrombosis can trigger myocardial infarctions or strokes, also known as brain embolism.

In fact, the daily consumption of garlic has been compared to the intake of anticoagulant drugs, and the benefits for the bloodstream have been proven.

It is necessary to emphasize that its properties remain intact as long as it is consumed raw, although cooked also has an effect and most prefer to eat it that way. However, despite its strong flavor, do not be afraid of it, if you consume it for your health, it is good to eat it raw.

And like everything else, you also have to be careful with the adverse effects that this vegetable could cause, such as bad breath. You should brush your teeth very well after consuming it and take your precautions.

Nowadays, garlic, in addition to having infinite uses in the world’s gastronomy, is also considered one of the most effective home and natural remedies for various conditions, especially those related to the bloodstream.


Why does it improve circulation?

One of the components of garlic is vitamin B, a very good element that in turn helps to significantly decrease homocysteine, which is one of the amino acids in the blood.

When it has a high level in the body, it affects the blood vessels by hardening them and consequently promotes the formation of clots in the blood because it thickens.

A higher level of homocysteine increases the risk of thrombosis or coronary artery disease.

In general, garlic reduces arterial blockage and therefore relaxes the blood vessels, significantly improving circulation.


More blood conditions

Not only does blood circulation improve with the consumption of garlic, but there are other related conditions that can be treated at home, thanks to the consumption of garlic.

  • Anemias: Anemias occur when the blood fails to transfer enough oxygen to the body to function, so hemoglobin decreases in red blood cells.

Because garlic raises the defenses, helps with this condition and if it is caused by a lack of iron, eating garlic every day can help stimulate the gastric juices and allow the iron to digest better.

By providing blood benefits, garlic is something you can’t help but try if you have anemia. However, beware of exaggerating your intake because perhaps the opposite effect will occur.

  • Cholesterol: As we know, high levels of LDL cholesterol, commonly called bad cholesterol, can be a headache and a health hazard, as it can block the coronary arteries, leading to fatal consequences if not treated promptly and properly.

But don’t worry, because if you manage to introduce garlic into your daily diet in addition to following your doctor’s recommendations, you will be able to lower your total and LDL cholesterol.

Studies have even confirmed that this reduction in cholesterol could be as much as 9%, thanks to this vegetable.

Do not be afraid of garlic, because modern science has shown most of the medicinal theories that revolve around it and it is very easy to get anywhere and at a very low price.