Where to buy fresh & peeled garlic wholesale?

Are you looking for the best place to buy wholesale fresh, paste and peeled garlic?

Thanks to the excellent properties and health benefits of garlic , is currently one of the products that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. Hence, there are many who wonder where to buy white garlic.

Buying garlic from Spain is not new, and this is due to two reasons: on the one hand, the increase in consumption that this product has experienced, and on the other, that it is precisely in Spain where we can find the best garlic on the market.

At El Ajero, you can buy garlic wholesale, or if you prefer, for your own use, since, in order to improve our services and in our constant desire to satisfy the needs of our customers, we have introduced the sale of garlic online.

Garlic is focused on both restaurants and hospitality establishments, as well as for household consumption, being one of the fundamental ingredients in the Mediterranean diet.

In addition, there are many countries that are looking for a garlic wholesaler, since the consumption of this food is spreading throughout the world.

Where to buy garlic paste?

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Countries like Canada, USA, Holland, Denmark, Germany or Italy are great consumers of garlic, many of them choosing to buy garlic paste.

They usually decide to sell garlic wholesale because that way, the price of garlic in a kilo tends to be cheaper, and at the same time, they supply a large part of the population with an unbeatable product.

The price of purple garlic is another issue that interests consumers.

For those who live life fast and without time, the best option is peeled garlic or garlic paste. In this way they can have fresh garlic ready to eat, without having to stop to peel it.

Sale of Garlic Wholesale and Retail

If you want to buy garlic wholesale or retail, do not hesitate to tell us the product you want and request a quote. At coajosaceuchal, we have for sale garlic of the highest quality, we are producers and exporters of garlic with 100% Spanish origin.

We sell garlic wholesale and retail, offering very competitive prices to our customers. Contact us now or call (+34 ) 924 68 74 04