Interview of the magazine Extremadura21 to Carlos Dobado, manager of our cooperative

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21 February, 2019
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Interview of the magazine Extremadura21 to Carlos Dobado, manager of our cooperative

Carlos Dobado (Coop. Extremeña de Ajos de Aceuchal):"We were pioneers with the peeled garlic clove and we are now with the fried garlic snack"

At the last Fruit Fruit fair in Madrid, the stand of the Cooperativa Extremeña Ajos de Aceuchal was in front of the great producers of garlic from Castilla-La Mancha.

As if it were a challenge, the Coop. Extremeña de Ajos de Aceuchal will be reinvented in recent years with a decision, to find new markets as far away as the United States – without concentrating on Portugal, like a few years ago- also new innovators products to be able to compete with you with the big national producers.

He has been working since 2003 and is composed of about 60 partners who produced about 5 million kilos.

Is it possible to continue innovating and opening new possibilities in the world of garlic that has always been seen as a traditional product?

We have always opted for added value and innovation as a way to differentiate ourselves. In addition, a fried garlic sandwich has been presented, which has many possibilities for consumption, such as hot dishes and salads directly. Associate its use to something comfortable and easy, as always are the snacks.

How was the 2018 campaign presented?

It was hard especially because China has wanted to recover a lot of lost market in recent years. You have to be in the market with the quality, good prices and customer service that you know, and above all with innovation. Extremadura and its companies must be credible because they have an excellent raw material and an enviable climate. We must eliminate the intermediation that exists in agricultural products.

Read the interview in Extremadura 21 (Spanish Language)