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17 December, 2018
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Garlic is one of the essential ingredients in many dishes around the world due to its wide gastronomic uses, the possibility of using it raw or cooked, its nutritional value and to give it an exquisite taste and smell of food. This vegetable native to Asia has a characteristic flavor that gives a special touch to any food, especially raw as it can function as a condiment and flavoring.

It is also remarkable its medicinal use since it has infinite properties that make it one of the most researched food plants in the world, but to obtain excellent results both in the kitchen and in health, care during and after its cultivation to obtain a quality product. The Cooperativa Extremeña of Garlic of Aceuchal, S.C. has a team of farmers with extensive experience and knowledge in the sowing of garlic that allows them to offer a quality product harvested under the strictest quality controls and with respect for the environment.

This cooperative is characterized by having modern facilities and an excellent human team that seeks to continuously improve to offer a personalized service and a wide variety of products. Both the Fresh Garlic in the heads, the Peeled Natural Garlic and the Garlic Paste are the result of knowledge, experience and tradition acquired and inherited generation after generation.

Garlic sowing: the secret of a quality product

A quality final product is the result of a successful sowing, the Cooperativa Extremeña of Garlic of Aceuchal, S.C. It follows the most rigorous procedures from the preparation of the soil before planting to harvesting at the right time. This plant is not very demanding in terms of climate and soil for its cultivation, although it occurs best in cold climates and in humid soils. Soil preparation is important long before planting, as harvests are better if the soil is properly fertilized, fluffy and deep. For this, a plowing and tracing work must be done where the organic fertilizers will be buried.

The plantation is usually carried out in October or November and the cloves of the unpeeled garlic are sown directly, always observing that the tip is upwards. The sowing depth is 3-5 cm and each tooth is placed 15 cm from the other, although the planting methods vary according to the crop and the area.

During the growth cycle, it is important to incorporate fertilizer twice as much and keep the crop clean of weeds by using appropriate weeds or applying one or more herbicides. Irrigation is not necessary except in very dry winters and springs and very loose soils, doing so should be done by sprinkling or by gravity and taking care not to drown the plant as there is a risk of fungal infection or rot.

After 4 to 8 months the plantation is ready for harvesting, when the drying of the leaves is complete, the heads are started manually or using combine harvesters. Once torn, they are left on the ground for 4-5 days, then moved to the warehouses where they are sorted, cleaned and dried.

Garlic sowing: the secret of a quality product

The experience of the farmers of the Cooperativa Extremeña of Garlic of Aceuchal, S.C. combined with modern facilities results in a quality garlic and good size, ideal to use both in the kitchen and in medicinal preparations.

In this cooperative, after the harvest they are cleaned and the garlics are carefully dried to later select the best ones and market them throughout the year.

The Garlic from “El Ajero” satisfy the most demanding demands and pass the test of the most rigorous control methods to offer an unprecedented natural product.

This cooperative is also characterized by innovating, offering new product formats and developing new techniques for the cultivation of Garlic.

When you have the heads of Garlic in your hands, the peeled garlic cloves or the garlic paste of “El Ajero” you will notice the difference both in flavor and in the presentation and quality of Garlic.

The best meals are prepared with the best ingredients, give a distinctive touch to your favorite dishes with the quality of “El Ajero” Garlic.