Garlic: a product of Spanish origin

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6 March, 2020
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Garlic: a product of Spanish origin

Garlic, which belongs to the same family of vegetables as well-known as onions, chives or leeks, is always present in our pantry as a basic, simple and common ingredient. It is widely used in kitchens around the world, very versatile, and it is a condiment used in countless preparations, hot or cold, traditional or avant-garde.

The healthy properties of garlic as food and medicine were already known to Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. Unlike many products that arrived from the American continent, garlic was a great national contribution. Our country is the first garlic producer in Europe and the fourth in the world.

There are many varieties, but the most cultivated are white garlic and purple garlic. White garlic is a rustic, resistant and fleshy variety, larger than purple, very productive and easy to preserve. It is consumed fresh or dry, its flavor is accentuated and its aroma persistent. While purple, due to the color of its skin, is well preserved, although it is earlier. In addition, young garlic, the young plant, is ideal in tortillas, scrambled or sautéed with various meats, fish and seafood.

Black garlic

For its part, black garlic is a very popular variant in Japan that has recently arrived in Europe. It does not repeat, it does not itch and it is the result of a controlled maturation process under certain environmental conditions for a long time. The elaboration is totally natural without preservatives or additives.

Quality garlics are the ones that keep the heads firm, without sprouts and with a dry wrap. When buying, it is convenient to choose small, compact and heavy heads. Yellowish and hollow are rejected because it indicates an old product.