26 October, 2018
Basic considerations about garlic
12 November, 2018
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Garlic has been cultivated for a long time and  it is believed that its origin is in the South West of Siberia. Many people thought it was one of the most effective medicinal plants and strong of the time.

Garlic became more than a medicinal plant, and nowadays it is consumed

around the world as an ingredient for exquisite meals. However, there are

many people who continue using it as an antiseptic and in other medicinal forms thanks to its different properties.

Brazil and the United States are two of the main large markets for the garlic of Aceuchal. However, China wants to be part of these big markets, affecting in this way to the inclusion of chinese garlic in America.



The first harvest of garlic was in the old Turkestan, the place that borders between Afghanistan and China From the time of Alexander the Great -320 a. C-, distributed the garlic in different areas for a long time, in order to preserve fish and meat.

Due to the ease of the storage and the size for the transfer, the people who were responsible for distributing it and identified it in 3 large groups. The first was called “Asian garlic”, the second “Continental garlic” and the third “Mediterranean garlic”.

Of these 3 groups, nowadays countless commercial species are known around the world. During the middle ages, their medicinal properties were obligatorily forgotten by the population, since they were attributed the relationship with the witches and therefore, they were used for spells or malignant potions.



Regardless of the number of varieties of garlic, these are used in their entirety, including:

Garlic as a drug: This is one of the most commercial alternatives to take advantages of all the properties of garlic. According to its international precedents, garlic works perfectly as an assistant of preventive and curative medicine for cardiovascular diseases, working as an antioxidant, hypoglycaemic, antiplatelet, antiarrhythmic agent, among others.

It also works to prevent and fight infectious diseases such as: bactericide and antifungal. In addition, specialists in medicine indicate that it is a good ally to fight cancer.

It is considered a “natural antibiotic”.

Garlic as a condiment: It is one of the most used in international gastronomy, making it an important product for commercialization. It is also used to season red or white meats, breads, salads, pasta, among others.



In ancient times garlic was widely used for medical purposes. Currently, due to social evolution, garlic continues having a great worldwide boom.

Know the 10 most outstanding benefits next:

  1. It serves as a natural relaxant, calming the nerves quickly, favoring in that way the adequate rest.
  2. It improves and counterattacks the possible viruses in the body, in addition it eliminates quickly fungi and bacteria.
  3. Eliminates intestinal parasites, in addition it serves to fight different gastrointestinal infections.
  4. It is a good anti-inflammatory.
  5. It generates “serotonin”, fighting in that way stress and depression.
  6. It is rich in vasodilator and anticoagulant properties, therefore the blood is free to flow without pressure, being then a good ally for hypertensive people and who suffer from high cholesterol.
  7. It is ideal for diabetics, because it stimulates the appearance of insulin and usually regulates blood sugar levels.
  8. Its topical use serves as a powerful antiseptic and antifungal, eliminating quickly the problem of fungi.
  9. It serves as an expectorant and disinfectant, therefore, it helps with the treatment of colds or congestions.
  10. Due to its diuretic properties, it is ideal for those who want to lose weight and for those who suffer from cardiovascular risks.