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20 April, 2018
10 May, 2018
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Garlic Bread Recipe


A loaf of bread

Garlic of Aceuchal (El Ajero)




First, we start washing the parsley, we dry it and reserve it.

Next, we peel the garlic. The quantity will depend on our taste.

We mix the butter, the parsley and the garlic and we beat everything in the blender.

With the bread, we make diagonal cuts of approximately 2 cm, and with a spoon we spread them with the previous mixture.

After that, we cut a piece of silver paper and put the pieces of bread. We bake them at 180º during ten minutes.

Finally, we take them out of the oven and ready.


Garlic bread has a very marked flavour, so it will be great to accompany sausages, tomato salad or assorted salads.

You can also add a pinch of grated cheese on the top at the time of spreading.