Garlic 2020 Campaign

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13 June, 2020
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Garlic 2020 Campaign

Garlic 2020 Campaign

With the Garlic Campaign just started, the prospect of marketing is expected to be positive.

The sale of the production at a good price is expected.

There is great expectation placed on it due to the problems presented by the world’s largest garlic producer, China. Due to the pandemic caused by COVID19.

China is not only the largest producer of garlic, but a major exporter. Chinese garlic reaches all world markets.

These problems with Chinese garlic beneficially affect Spanish Garlic and consequently Aceuchal Garlic.

Many countries, faced with the impossibility of receiving products from China, have been forced to go to other markets like ours.


Price forecast

The price forecast is high, as foreseen by the manager of the Cooperativa Extremeña de Ajos, Don Carlos Dobado Marcos, in statements to the newspaper “Periódico HOY“. Where it says, we quote textual words “I don’t know if we can sell more, presumably yes. But surely yes at a better price. Although from what is said to reality there are usually changes ”.





The rise in the price of garlic will be due, on the one hand, to the problems of the Asian giant with less product in circulation. And also to the lack of existence of garlic from other countries.

Which places us in a good place for the commercialization of our harvest. As every year it is presented with exceptional quality.

The negative part of this campaign, which was the lack of labor and collided head-on with the increase in the price of fresh garlic, has been making up before the appeal of the farmers to the field.

It is a positive note, since it would hurt a lot to have problems in harvesting the crop due to labor problems with good price intuitions.

We will take advantage of the global shortage of garlic that occurs with the lack of export from China to publicize the quality of Spanish garlic.

In this way we can get the Aceuchal Garlic to travel the world.

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