Garlic Exporters from Spain

We are Certified Garlic Exporters and export worldwide top quality peeled garlic and Fresh Garlic Spanish white, pink and violet.

We produce and exporter garlic from Spain to United States, Canada, European Union, China, India and other countries.

Our entire planting and cultivation garlic process has been fully mechanized, thanks to which we can offer HQ garlic to very cheap sales prices. Check our Wholesale Garlic Price for delivery in your country ➜ +34 924 687 404

How to import Garlic 100% Grown in Spain?

Are you looking how to import Garlic from Spain? Extremadura Cooperative of garlic from Aceuchal is presented as one of the most consolidated companies in the Spanish market, trained and specialized in the production, export and commercialization of the Top Quality GARLIC, which bets safely to increase the number of exports in the next campaigns.  We not only are Wholesale Garlic Suppliers in the European market where it has deepened surprisingly in recent years, thanks to the acceptance of its products and services offered, but also by emerging to other continents, where business opportunities increase exponentially and commercial links are increasingly strong, especially in countries such as the USA, Brazil and Canada. For all this, we have the security and support of widely recognized quality certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and GLOBAL G.A.P., thus ensuring the customer an ideal product and service, specialized in the needs of each destination, which meets with the general requirements of the current food legislation. Do you want to request a quote? ➜ Contact us
We have a quality policy available to anyone who requests it.