you want to know how to peel garlic quickly? The skin of the garlic can be rough to the touch and the garlic is too small for a traditional peeler. Luckily, there are several ways to peel garlic quickly. Chefs who need to peel garlic quickly and maintain a fast pace in the kitchen can use the agitation method for large quantities or a special silicone peeler for a couple of teeth at a time. With a little practice, you can even remove the peel with the flat part of a kitchen knife.

Peel garlic quickly Method 1 of 3:

Shake the garlic

Separate a whole head of garlic. This trick is quick and effective once you know how to use it, but it does not work with just one tooth. Place a garlic head on a chopping board with the tips of the shoots up. Strike the palm of your hand on the top of the garlic of El Ajero de Aceuchal  head, pressing against the board, and the teeth should separate easily.

• If your hands are very sensitive or your teeth are particularly dry, hit a bowl against the top of your teeth instead.

• Separate some if you do not plan to use all of them.

Place the garlic cloves between two metal or ceramic containers. Cover the container with a lid or other container upside down. You can also place the garlic cloves in an old sturdy plastic bottle and screw the lid tightly.

• Medium or small containers are more useful. The teeth need to hit each other to shake their skin.

Shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Make sure you hear the cloves of garlic hit against the sides of the container Separate the containers or open the bottle. Separate the garlic cloves from the skin. They must be completely bare. If some of the teeth are partially peeled, shake them for a few more seconds as hard as you can.


Peel garlic fast Method 2 of 3:

Use the flat part of a kitchen knife

Place the flat part of a kitchen knife over the garlic clove. Do it on a flat and stable surface. Be sure to keep the sharp edge of the knife away from you.

Press with the palm of your hand to crush the tooth quickly and carefully. Place your palm extended on the blade of the knife and then push down with a quick and light stroke. The objective is not to completely pulverize the clove of garlic, but to separate the peel from the rest of the garlic. You can learn to do it quickly with practice but do not neglect your fingers.

Remove the knife and finish the peeling process by hand. The peel should be easily separated from the rest of the garlic.


Method 3 of 3 about How to peel garlic quickly:

Use a silicone peeler

Buy a silicone garlic peeler at a kitchen supply store or supermarket. This utensil usually costs between 2 and 5 dollars. Most of the peelers are small silicone cylinders, but there are others that are flat sheets that you have to roll on your own.

Separate the garlic cloves from the head. Remove them from the outer edge. If you plan to use all the teeth, separate the whole head by applying force with the palm of your hand.

Place the teeth inside the tube. Place the tube on the chopping board. If you are going to use a flat peeler, roll the teeth inside the rubber sheet and hold it so that it does not unroll.

Roll the heel of your hand against the top of the tube. Repeat this step until you have rolled each section of the tube containing the garlic. Apply a generous amount of pressure.• The silicone barrier will protect your hands from the roughness of garlic.• Turn the garlic peeler sideways and remove the peeled garlic cloves. If you used a flat garlic peeler, just unroll it. Then throw the shell