Myths and truths you should know about garlic raw.

The health of regular garlic eaters
24 July, 2019
28 August, 2019
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Myths and truths you should know about garlic raw.

It is claimed that garlic is nutritious, which fights cholesterol, promotes immune system, reduces blood pressure, is anti-inflammatory, prevents colds, improves asthma, which is good even against cancer. If you have recommended to eat fasting raw garlic as a remedy you should know that,

with rare exceptions, it will not do you any harm; but it is not certain that you are going to avoid your ailments or prevent yourself from getting sick.

What you can’t avoid is that characteristic and persistent smell and unpleasant to others that stays in your breath. Because to benefit of most of its virtues it is essential to eat it raw. When it reaches a temperature higher than 45 degrees many of them disappear as if by magic.

The truth is that there is a whole culture of garlic that comes from many different societies and that has thousands of years old, there are also numerous scientists who have dedicated themselves to study it to corroborate if it has so many healing properties as believed (including Pasteur himself).

And although there seems to be a scientific basis to think that its components have many properties, according to the National Center for Complementary Health and United States integrator, not many are irrefutably conclusive and it is necessary to continue investigating.

For example, they explain in an article published on their website that the Institute National Cancer of his country recognizes that garlic has potential anti-cancer properties.  But it is not recommended to consume supplements of garlic as cancer prevention. And even less hoping to cure it.

It is known that eating raw garlic has no important contraindications in normal doses, except for people who are irritated by stomach or allergy, but be warned that it can counteract the effect of medicines for blood circulation (it is a potent anticoagulant).

Eat fresh garlic fasting has the same effects that if it is taken at any time of the day, but it doesn’t help much if you swallow it whole. The right thing is to crush it or, better yet, cut it into thin slices and, if you want to soften the flavor, mixed with olive, flax, nut or coconut oil.

This is because Its main therapeutic virtues come from allicin, a component which is not in garlic, but it is only released when alliin, an amino acid sulfur that if present in it, comes into contact with oxygen. It has also other substances, many of which act in symbiosis with it.