The purpose of COOPERATIVA EXTREMEÑA DE AJOS ACEUCHAL is based on the principle of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System. To this end, we establish the following lines of action:

  • Unconditional support from the Management.
  • To guarantee the safety of the food produced, processed and marketed, in order to ensure the protection of people’s health and consumers’ rights. This through a modern, integrated, efficient and transparent HACCP system.
  • Improve our production systems in terms of quality by innovating and developing practices that differentiate us.
  • Commitment to comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to the organization, promoting actions aimed at continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, and other specific commitments relevant to the context of C.E.A.A.
  • Commitment to an appropriate food safety culture, including a clear distribution of responsibilities, assurance of staff competencies and adequate supervision.
  • We are committed to encourage the collaboration of all farmers, employees and suppliers in better management by favoring communication activities, dissemination of quality and environmental management practices and training.
  • Maintain customer confidence in food safety and quality.
  • Achieve high standards of worker health, safety and hygiene, both at the cooperative and field levels.
  • Reduce the use of crop protection products.

This policy, approved by Management, is available to all interested parties and disseminated to all areas of the company, is understood, applied, reviewed and kept up to date.

In Aceuchal, February 14, 2023