Stuffed Potatoes With Grenn Pepper
18 July, 2018
Lamb pie
3 August, 2018
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Recipe: Salmorejo Adamuceño



2 medium size potatoes

4 flour spoons

100 g of vinegar

Half onion

50 g of desalted cod

6 garlic cloves from Aceuchal (El Ajero)

1 Tomato

8 spoons of olive oil

Salt and water



Cut the potatoes in normal slices, fry them and set aside. Chop the onion, the garlic and the tomato in very small pieces and fry everything. The cod and the cruet-stand are added. Cook all for a few minutes. Then we add the flour and everything are grilled. Stir everything and add water slowly; add the salt. When it is cooked add the potatoes, we had prepared and it is ready to serve.



You can also do it with bread and using other vegetables such as spinach and asparagus .