300 Gr approx. of lentils red Camino Astur de Codilex

1 Small onion

½ Leek

2 garlic cloves El Ajero

¼ Red pepper and

½ green pepper

¼ Chorizo ​​Ibérico Farcedo

½ Pancheta Ahumada El Pozano

125 ml White Wine La Pelina

1 Teaspoon of Paprika DOP Las Morelles

1 vegetable broth CalNort

750ml of water

1 Teaspoon of thyme and oregano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sierra de Montánchez




Chop the garlic very small, and in a pot put 3 tablespoons of EVOO, when they are a little golden add the onion, leek and pepper cut into small cubes; a little salt, thyme, oregano and go frying.

In another cauldron we are preparing a broth with a vegetable broth pill. 750 ml water.

Then add the sausage and bacon cut into pieces, sauté for a few minutes with the sofrito to release the fat, then a teaspoon of paprika and stir to avoid sticking and incorporate the wine, let the alcohol evaporate.

We put the lentils stirring well and add the broth, stir, rectify salt and let cook 10-15 minutes.

They do not need to soak the day before.

This recipe has been prepared by “La Cocina de Manuel y Pilar” in collaboration with several products of our land, including our garlic El Ajero brand. You can see the complete recipe in the following link:”