Garlic is one of the most used and valued ingredients of good cooking. We have and use it in a multitude of wonderful recipes in which he is the undisputed king, ranging from garlic bread to prawns to garlic. However, what many people do not know are the great tricks and benefits that can be done with garlic outside the kitchen and that make this product one of the most useful of all.

Different tricks with garlic

1- Facial cleansing

Thus, one of the most interesting garlic tricks is to be able to use it as a mask to perform a good facial cleansing. Thus, this trick would be to make a cream with the garlic that we would spread through our skin and leave on for about 15 minutes, after which we would clarify and proceed to apply moisturizer.

2- Pest repellent

Another of the tricks with garlic, this time not in aesthetics but in gardening, is that it can be used as a pest repellent. And it is that garlic not only repels vampires, as tradition says, but also the insects that devour our plants and the flowers of our garden. For this trick it will be enough to mix garlic cloves with soap and water and spray them on the plants we want to protect.

3- Fishing bait

In the sport of fishing, some argue that garlic is an excellent bait for catching fish. This trick with garlic can be applied in different ways:
• Some people use garlic to apply it to worms or prawns,
• while others will use garlic to give the fish a reason to bite the rubber lure
• There are even those who talk about placing garlic butter to attract fish.
It seems that garlic is very good, not only in the kitchen, but as we could with these tricks with garlic for beauty, gardening and fishing.