How to preserve Garlic, storage options
28 July, 2020
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What are the health benefits of garlic?
20 August, 2022
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In Europe, the list of garlic producers is led by Spain. Being in first position as a producer. It can be said that Spanish garlic is a benchmark.

The great production and the great quality that Spain has of garlic added to its geographical location, being a peninsula. They place it in a privileged position for export worldwide. Making special mention of exports to the American continent. So it can be said that our garlic travels all over the world.

The Spanish garlic variety par excellence has always been purple garlic and white garlic. They are the varieties that have been cultivated throughout history.

But, despite the beneficial situation in which Spain finds itself in the production of garlic at the beginning of the 2000s, a Chinese garlic with a bargain price broke into our market, if we compared it with our autochthonous varieties.

To defend themselves from this attack, Spanish producers began to import and cultivate Chinese seeds. So the varieties of Spanish garlic increased and the crops changed and evolved.

Therefore, today when we talk about Chinese garlic, we may be referring to an imported variety or harvested in our own fields.

There is no better variety than another. They are different. We already made a post where we told you about the different varieties of garlic that there are and their characteristics (+ Info).

All the garlic produced in Spain are of a superior, excellent quality.

Although with the import of Chinese seeds we get a variety with a lower cost, the production costs of Spanish garlic are very high, so Spanish garlic is inevitably more expensive than Chinese garlic (imported).


But despite the higher cost, you have to consume Spanish garlic. The future is first in the hands of consumers and second in that of farmers as the excellence of the product depends on their work.

The search for great qualities in garlic is continuous, relying more and more on new technologies. Always looking for an excellent quality production.

In Spain you have to continue betting on a national production, that is and will always be a guarantee stamp.

While in Spain we continue to position ourselves for a garlic produced here, quality will be our guarantee.

The quality of Spanish garlic cannot be disputed.

Consuming some nationally produced garlic ensures that we have the organoleptic qualities and properties of garlic, as well as ensuring that we comply with hygienic and sanitary guarantees.

And, of course, we greatly benefit the Spanish business fabric.

The Cooperativa Extremadura de Ajos de Aceuchal supports 100% the campaign for the defense of Spanish garlic in the hands of the National Garlic Association.