The best garlic in the world ¡Garlic 100% grown in Spain!

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How and where is garlic grown in the world?
2 September, 2022
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Where to buy fresh & peeled garlic wholesale?
2 October, 2022
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The best garlic in the world ¡Garlic 100% grown in Spain!

The best garlic in the world, best garlic powder in the world, which country has the best garlic

Spain is a great country, and as such, it has great things: we produce the best olive oils in the world, the best wines in the world, the best hams in the world… And it is also here, in Spain, where you can find the best garlic in the world.

In the European Union, about 70% of all garlic production comes from Spain, this country being a benchmark in terms of containing the best garlic.

Like the rest of the products, they are not all the same. But whether it is Spanish purple garlic or white, they have the maximum quality guarantees in all their processes.

Spain is one of the largest exporters of garlic, both to the European Union and to other countries such as the US. Demand has increased thanks to the proven quality of this product.

Chinese garlic vs Spanish garlic

Needless to say, there is a huge gap between Chinese garlic and Spanish garlic in terms of product quality. Thanks to the excellent quality of the garlic produced in Spain, it is able to compete in national markets against garlic of Asian origin, which is sold at a lower price.

The mere fact that Spanish garlic has much more exhaustive controls throughout its process is a sign of guarantee before the Chinese.

In fact, the biggest problem with Chinese food products is the day-to-day production practices on the ground. This translates into the habitual use of toxic products due to the use of pesticides, as well as excessive doses of antibiotics, so that they do not lose their visual appearance. For all these reasons, when Chinese garlic arrives in Europe, it does so as a “by-product”, which has lost a large part of the health benefits of garlic.

Which is the best purple or white garlic

buy online the best garlic in the world, BOX OF GARLIC WholesalerWhite garlic, together with purple garlic, are one of the most common in Spain,

At first glance you can recognize them, white because it is whiter than all the others, and purple because it has a violet color.

White garlic stands out for its mild flavor, presenting a larger size. It hardly contains calories and has great medicinal properties.

While purple garlic is one of those with a stronger flavor and is more resistant to moisture. It contains a large amount of allicin, which also makes it a good ally for our health.

Do you like garlic?

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