The Extremadura Cooperative of Garlic from Aceuchal obtains the Kosher Certificate

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25 May, 2019
26 July, 2019
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The Extremadura Cooperative of Garlic from Aceuchal obtains the Kosher Certificate

The Extremadura Cooperative of Garlic from Aceuchal obtains the Kosher Certificate.


We are going to tell you a little more about this Certificate and the benefits it can bring to our company.

The word KOSHER is a Hebrew term that means fit, suitable or convenient for consumption.

The products that obtain this certification are foods prepared according to the Jewish dietary rules which are permissible for consumption, fulfill the requirements of the diet of the Hebrew Bible.

The laws of Kashrut (Jewish Dietary Law) regulates two aspects:

  1. Foods allowed.
  2. Preparations for food.

It is a certification of maximum credibility worldwide. The high levels of demand and control they have are closely linked to higher quality products.

It is a rabbi who is responsible for supervising the religious rules, hygiene and health of the production process of the product. Once it verifies that the rulwa are met throughout its production process, it gives approval to the Certificate.

One of the main advantages of obtaining this certificate is the possibility of commercially penetrating a market in constant growth. Many food companies are looking for this certificate because it is a guarantee anywhere in the world, due to the exhaustive control it has. The production process is monitored from its beginning to the final packaging.

The activity is carried out in an organized, efficient and transparent manner.

Today this certification becomes a key aspect to promote export and promote growth in this way. It reinforces the presence of our product internationally offering more business opportunities. Kosher products are qualified as healthy, natural and with the best quality.

The Kosher certificate gives the products an added value that undoubtedly adds competitiveness by opening new market opportunities.

More and more people concerned about nutrition, natural foods and their health demand more food with the "Kosher" label synonymous with "health, high quality and safety".

The objective when you get this distinctive is to increase sales abroad, reaching new market goals.

Obtaining the Kosher Certificate is a great success for the Cooperativa Extremeña de Ajos.