The future of Spanish garlic is in our hands

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19 June, 2019
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12 July, 2019
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The future of Spanish garlic is in our hands

“Chinese competition simply sinks the prices of the international garlic markets. Asia and America, the main consumers, buy from the Chinese market. Spanish garlic, with higher production costs, is inevitably more expensive. This limited margin of profit makes Spanish producers tremble that in the previous season they sold at a loss.

However, this garlic campaign kicks off with an exceptional quality of the early Spring variety.

“The price is higher than in previous campaigns and it is expected not only that prices will remain, but that they will even rise. This week there are already the first loads of garlic in Andalusia. This is being bought more expensive, but it takes about 2 weeks to have a clear market perspective. In Castilla-La Mancha are still starting and preparing the garlic, about 15 days to market the first varieties. In mid-July we can make a more fair campaign forecast. ”

“In Spain, while we continue betting on garlic produced here, quality will be our guarantee. No need to focus on exclusive varieties such as purple garlic, also more expensive at the production level. The Spring is still a fantastic garlic and easy to produce. There is no better or worse variety. All the garlic cultivated in Spain are of superior quality. Spanish garlic is simply excellent. ”

A garlic of the Spring type, softer flavor than others like purple, is likely to have a greater acceptance among consumers in any country looking for milder flavors. “The consumer is the key to the future: we must focus more on the needs of the end customer instead of commercial exchanges and intermediaries. Finding out what the final consumer wants is vital if we want to meet the needs of the market. If this means researching until you find the ideal seed for an adapted final product, it is important to bet on the ideal variety. The means at our disposal make it totally viable. ”

The future of Spanish garlic is in our hands and excellence depends on our work. New technologies are within our reach, we just have to implement them. We have to work for quality production: the price war is won one year and the next one is lost “.

“The need for support to farmers by the Spanish and European administrations is urgent. Providing direct and practical information to the small farmer is the best way to get involved, especially in the industry sector 4.0 “.

Original text: Freshplaza