When the cultivation of fresh garlic is coming to an end, at the end of spring, at that time we are almost ready to collect our garlic and be able to enjoy its aromas and flavor, but first we must tie them a step prior to harvest.

This is one of the cares of garlic: Tying the garlic, more or less around San Antonio (June 13) and according to the saints and the popular proverb we are in the northern hemisphere (southern hemisphere, add 6 months), tie the Garlic with the famous knot of San Antonio. Doing this as the saints tell us is fine, but it is much better to know why we do it. We will do this task plus other tasks that we were doing and that we saw in garlic care and irrigation and another quite interesting and important one that is to detach the flower and remove it so that it does not rise to flower and focus on giving seed, they are easy but interesting tasks of doing.

If you remember, we sow the garlic in November, (mid autumn) and from then until now the care has been minimal. Garlic is a crop that we hardly have to look at, we must do certain specific tasks, be very careful with the irrigation and we will get some great garlic!

The garlic plant, has already reached its maximum development, making this knot, we get the stem to dry. So we stop sending nutrients to the aerial part of the plant, keeping these nutrients in the bulb that was where the plant was conserving them during this time. With the knotting it is about accelerating the vegetative process of the plant, and at the end of the month, more or less for the day of San Pedro, we will harvest the garlic.