Who said garlic is just for cooking? It’s certainly a natural seasoning that permeates our meals with an unmistakable aroma and flavor; but outside of that it is also very useful for its medicinal properties and other secrets for solving some problems at home.

It’s not exactly just hanging garlic on a necklace to ward off vampires or evil spirits, like we see in the movies, but actually taking advantage of the benefits of this bulb beyond stews and pastas.

Surely you did not know that during World War I garlic was used to clean the wounds of the soldiers; nowadays it has been discovered that it has infinite benefits, especially when it is raw. Here we present them.


  1. Effective fungicide. Garlic water is ideal for combatting athlete’s foot. The recipe consists of marinating some teeth in the warm liquid and applying the preparation onto the affected area.


  1. End the pests. Water, garlic and soap when mixed together make a repellent that keeps pests away from plants. We can also spray it on flowers and vegetables, as it is not a chemical pesticide.


  1. It helps you lose weight. Consuming garlic helps burn calories, because it gives the brain a signal of satiety that accelerates the metabolism.


  1. Heals auditory infections. Its antiviral elements kill germs that generate infections in the ear, reducing the pain it causes in addition to the inflammation. It works by putting crushed garlic directly into the ear, combined with some natural oil to hide the smell.


  1. Cleans acne and blackheads from your face. The antifungal properties contained in allicin, fight acne. Create a paste by mashing raw garlic cloves or mixing it with white vinegar; any of these preparations should be placed on the skin, letting it work for five minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. Red areas shrink, inflammation decreases and it prevents the appearance of marks.


  1. Traditional antiparasitic. Grandmothers know a lot about this, in fact, if they had to recommend some antiparasitic, garlic for sure stands out among their options. Again it is for the allicin, because it serves to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms.


  1. Sleep aid. For generations, garlic has been considered a sleeping agent, especially for the people who have trouble falling asleep. Placing a clove of garlic under your pillow cures insomnia. The explanation is in its sulfurous components that, in addition to the aroma, cause a relaxing effect.


  1. It attacks skin problems. In addition to cleaning pimples and blackheads, apply the crushed bulb onto skin, it works to cure mosquito bites and scabies.


  1. Improves the appearance of hair. Apart from minimizing the rate at which it falls out, garlic makes it grow faster. Garlic removes toxins from the scalp, improves its texture, eliminates dandruff and prevents it from coming back. It also regenerates hair follicles and strengthens the roots.


Add a clove of garlic to your usual shampoo and a little bit of honey in the conditioner, to eliminate the smell; but do not use it more than three times per month, since it can dry your scalp.


  1. Heal respiratory affections. A preparation of mashed garlic relieves irritated throats, coughs, and other similar negative symptoms.


  1. Glue broken glass. If the fracture is very slight, rubbing the juice of a clove of garlic over the cracks and drying the excess liquid, will be able to unite it. It is because garlic juice is a natural adhesive. Although there are some people who reject this effect, we lose nothing trying.