Peeled garlic, the process and advantages of its consumption

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White garlic, learn everything about this species and its health benefits
26 January, 2018
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Peeled garlic, the process and advantages of its consumption

Peeled garlic, know its process and the benefits of its consumption, surely you’ve asked what is special about peeled garlic, why eat it? Is it safe to do it?

In this post we will focus on the  process of producing peeled garlic and the advantages that this brings to its consumer on a small scale and large scale.

Are you tired of peeling large amounts of garlic? That is no longer necessary, as you can buy peeled garlic.

This retains its beneficial and nutritional properties for health, only it saves you from having to peel them manually.

If you consume more than one clove of garlic every day, you will probably consider peeled garlic very useful, however, if you do not consume it very often, what are you thinking? When will you start?

Peeled garlic was born from a real market demand, if people did not consume them, surely they would not exist.

Today we are going to remove any doubt about the process of peeling these tiny condiments, and that contribute so much flavor to our meals.

Although garlic does not make us cry, its smell probably will after several hours on the fingers and nails of the person who had to peel it.


How is the process of producing peeled garlic?

As you know, the garlic industry has grown exponentially and with good reason, therefore, the introduction of peeled garlic can not be left behind.

You can say that the process of producing peeled garlic is complicated and simple at the same time, but the objective is clear: to obtain each clove of garlic perfectly peeled, without them registering any type of damage.

You could say it’s difficult because you had to develop machinery to do it quickly. On the other hand, there are different types of processes to peel garlic, depending on the industry in question, it can go through one of the most basic and rudimentary processes. To a well planned, structured, clean and safe process.

Basically, there are two types of peeling, using centrifugation and using compressed air. However, the centrifuge has two variants: dry and wet.


What happens before peeling the garlic?

Each company or industry has its own guidelines to follow and different types of machines. However, practically all coincide in the use of meshes to transport the garlic through a circuit.

This circuit usually has vibrators that help the garlic heads to come apart, exposing the garlic cloves.

They pass through light centrifuges which help to completely break down the heads of garlic and allow them to pass to the next level in the garlic peeling process.


Dry centrifugation peeled garlic process

It is called this because the machines used to peel  garlic simulate the operation of a large washing machine.

The main difference is that this machine does it entirely dry, spinning hundreds of rotations per minute, which manages to detach the fragile outer layers of the garlic.

The peels or skin of the garlic is filtered through one compartment, while the peeled garlic cloves leave through another compartment.


Wet centrifugation peeled garlic process

This process includes water in the centrifugation, which allows the peels or skin of the garlic to detach more easily.

In this type of machine, the garlic is placed in a space where the centrifugation is carried out and water is received from an upper section.

The difference is that in this type of process, the water is drained through a lower compartment, which carries the husks and residues of the garlic with it.

All of the garlic cloves remain in the upper part, waiting to be released through a top hatch once the process is finished.


Proceso del ajo pelado con aire comprimido

This method, is equally useful and effective, while its difference lies basically in the use of compressed air on small amounts of garlic cloves.

The machine works in such a way that it receives a portion of garlic and instantly releases compressed air, instantly breaking the peels or skin off of the garlic.

These are expelled through a mesh and are released below, where a garbage container awaits them. This occurs while the garlic cloves follow a linear path after being cleaned, on the same upper mesh.


Advantages of peeled garlic

As we mentioned before, if you do not use garlic frequently in the kitchen, it will not make much sense for you to acquire peeled garlic.

On the contrary, if you consume garlic personally, you know how useful it would be to buy half a kilogram or a kilogram of peeled garlic and thus avoid the task of peeling it yourself.

Even more so, if you are in the restaurant business, where using garlic is essential to season and flavor all kinds of dishes.

On that note, imagine the time your workers will save themselves from not having to peel hundreds of cloves of garlic each week! And that translates into time that can be used productively in other aspects.

In addition, you can obtain garlic of the best quality, knowing that the company follows the best health standards.


Does peeled garlic lose its properties?

It is true that food loses its properties some time after they have been harvested, in the case of foods of vegetable origin.

And the same thing happens with garlic, but it is not an exclusive condition of peeled garlic, all kinds of garlic have a certain life time for consumption.

The ideal thing would be to consume it in the first few months, when they are still extremely fresh. However, some types of garlic, such as white garlic, reds and chestnuts, have better properties for their conservation and last longer.

Especially if they are conserved with cold storage, which delays the loss of nutritional and beneficial properties for health.

If you still do not know everything a daily clove of garlic can do for you, we recommend that you try to take one in the form of a pill every morning on an empty stomach. And after a month, you will see great benefits for your health.