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16 September, 2019
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8 October, 2019
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Black Garlic, a new discovery

Black Garlic does not constitute a variety of natural garlic. If not, it is the result of a slow process of natural fermentation of garlic, without chemicals. That is, no additives or preservatives are added. The duration is several weeks. Where it is fermented at high temperatures and with specific and constant humidity conditions. And subjected to this process develops a darker color, a softer texture and a sweeter taste. In fact, the smell disappears and its volume decreases.


Its origin is in Japan.

This variation of natural garlic has as characteristics that it does not sting, without it, its inner texture is soft almost gelatinous and also the black color and the taste is sweeter and more pleasant than the common garlic.

Black garlic relates its flavor to the japanese-origin word for “UMAMI”, a Word of Japanese origin that encompasses the flavors: sweet, salty, and bitter. In other words, the definition of “UMAMI” is “nice, delicious”. It’s a word that comes from combination two, of umai that means delicious and my – taste.

It can be said that the numerous properties that common garlic are enhanced by the black garlic fermentation process. In short, its nutritional value is increased, as it multiplies its vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

Black Garlic is a food of excellent quality, that is, a superfood with great potential nutritious.


Its use is very varied. It is used both in gastronomy and for therapeutic purposes. Since it has been discovered that it works very well to treat numerous ailments.

Its cost is higher than natural garlic and is scarcer, although more and more companies are introducing it among their product catalog.


Some of the properties of black garlic:

•It has natural antioxidants.
•Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.
•Helps the immune system by increasing defenses.
•Lowers cholesterol.
•It is a natural antibiotic.
•It is diuretic.
•It is energizing.
•It is good for combating anxiety and depression thanks to its high sulphur and phosphorus content.


How can we use it?

•The black garlic can be eaten as is, thanks to its soft and creamy texture, it is undone leaving a deep and delicate taste. Remember the liquorice. Recommended to eat fasting.
•They can also be spread on bread.
•We can also use it in the kitchen in place of traditional garlic or as dressing in meat and fish, etc. There are countless recipes where it is used.