Varieties of garlic. Different types

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3 October, 2019
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14 October, 2019
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Varieties of garlic. Different types

There are many varieties of garlic and although probably when it comes to cooking we always use the same are starting to introduce more and more varieties in our kitchens.

Garlic, as a plant, can be classified as perennial (although grown annually), with flat, thin leaves. The bulb is white-skinned forms a head divided into wedges that we call teeth.

How many types of garlic do you know?

We’re going to tell you a little bit about the different varieties of garlic on the market right now. Some of its features and properties. So you can tell them apart.


Different varieties of garlic.

White garlic: it is the most traditional and common. Excellent taste and soft and large size. Its conservation is good. Persistent aroma. It is characterized by having more teeth than other types of garlic, more fleshy and that are preserved for longer. The teeth are bench color and the wrap has a silver color.

Violet garlic: it is characterized by its strong knowledge. It is sown from September to November and is collected from May to June. It is sold in green, semi dry and dry. In the view you can see violet lines both on their teeth and on their outer skins.

Purple garlic: we can consider it the mildest of all the flavors of garlic. Its outer color is white and the color of the reddish tooth, hence its color. They have regular teeth, thicker and larger. Its maturation is earlier, conservation less.

Black garlic: It does not constitute a natural variety of garlic, it is the result of a natural fermentation process of white garlic. The duration of the process is about one month, fermenting at high temperatures where it develops its darker color, softer texture and a sweeter taste. The strong smell disappears.

Brown garlic: milder flavor. Its name comes from the protective leaf, chestnut, the white bulb and the hard neck by the presence of floral stem

Red garlic: with a strong taste. Medium-sized teeth and symmetrical head. Its teeth have a shady between red and brown and its skin is white.

Pink garlic: it’s the strongest of them all. It is sown from March to June and collected in winter.

Tender hustlers: they are simply the little-grown and too-picked garlics. They are softer and juicier and are mostly used in tortillas, scrambled and stews.