Garlic producers concern.

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24 September, 2019
Garlic 2020 Campaign
22 June, 2020
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Garlic producers concern.


There is great concern among garlic producers in Aceuchal with harvesting just around the corner.

If in each campaign you plan the uncertainty about the producers, this year, 2020, is much greater.

Garlic producers as farmers who are are used to living each season with concern. But this year before the current pandemic situation, not only in our country but around the world, the suspicion is increased.

Lack of labor

There is widespread concern about the large labor shortage in the field. Such an essential factor in the cultivation of garlic that it can cause serious economic and labor effects.

This concern is widespread in all the crops in which its collection now occurs during spring. Which has been echoed by many media such as the newspaper TODAY.

This shortage is mainly due to the temporary mobility restrictions between the different autonomous communities and the closing of borders with the different countries. It is not worth mentioning the importance of foreign labor in the field, which in recent years has become a fundamental factor.

There is great despair, so the unemployed have been called upon to incorporate them into the crops, although the response has not been very positive. Adding to the lack of labor is another problem for garlic producers. And they are the limitations and the difficulty of transportation of agricultural workers.


Difficulty in transporting workers to the field.

The security measures taken in the face of this pandemic regarding the issue of transporting workers that limit capacity by vehicles only causes difficulties for the sector.

The number of access of people to farms and the minimum safety distance between workers are also diminished.

All this supposes an additional expense for the producers not only of money but also of time. All these averages cause difficulties transformed into a slowdown in the campaign.

They do not facilitate working in the field. We hope that the de-escalation proposed by the government that is being faced during this month of May helps to improve the situation a little.

And with this the concern of our garlic producers is alleviated.

We hope that in the days before the campaign the situation will improve. That the measures applicable at that time of the harvest help to carry out a good harvest of the garlic.

Petition to government authorities.

A request has been made to the Government and the European Community by the agricultural sector. They are asked for greater flexibility when it comes to temporary transfers. In addition, it is requested that these people undergo rapid tests that guarantee entry to our country of people free of viruses and contagion.

A quick solution is necessary since the next campaign is a few days away from starting.

The pity would be to start badly, since there is a risk of losing the fruit, if it cannot be picked on time it could be more difficult to market.