Surely you have ever hated the benefits of garlic for toothache, in addition to many other health benefits of garlic.

We will tell you that it is a reality, garlic is good for relieving toothache.

It is a superfood since its intake helps us strengthen our immune system and improves our heart health.

So, how could garlic not be used to calm toothache?

Its characteristic smell, in the culinary field, is most desirable, not so much when we talk about oral health. Who wants their breath to smell like garlic?

But if you have a great mouth ache and you no longer know what to do, you will not hesitate to take garlic for a tooth infection, we assure you.

Garlic clove/garlic paste for toothache

garlic paste for toothacheMany people say they know how to apply garlic or garlic paste for toothache tooth.

First of all, we recommend that, if you have any type of pain in your mouth, the first thing you should do is go to the dentist, since only he can treat the problem.

Obviously, if the pain begins at times when visiting a professional is not possible, then there are home remedies such as using garlic for toothache.

That biting/chewing garlic for toothache is effective is evidence supported by some clinical support.

This is because garlic has a substance called allicin, which is known for its antibiotic action, which could help us relieve toothache.

How to use garlic for toothache?

To know how to use garlic for toothache we will tell you that raw garlic is considered the best for medicinal purposes, since it preserves the active compounds.

Suggestions on how to use garlic for toothache are the most varied. There are those who say that it is best to put a clove of garlic, peeled and raw, right on the aching tooth.

Another option is to make a toothpaste of raw garlic with salt and olive oil, which will be applied to the tooth.

With this type of remedy it is possible to mitigate toothache, but we insist that if it hurts it is because there is a problem that only a specialist can solve.

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