How and where is garlic grown in the world?

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How and where is garlic grown in the world?

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Have you ever wondered how to grow garlic and where it is best grown? We answer all these questions, although first of all we will provide information of interest.

First of all, it is important to know that garlic comes from Central and South Asia.

It is precisely from there that it begins to spread to the Mediterranean area, and from there to the rest of the world. However, although the garlic species comes from Asia, the selections made and cultivation techniques mean that the garlic produced in Spain and Europe is of much higher quality.

The cultivation of garlic dates back to about 3,000 years BC. C., being widely consumed in India and Egypt.

To talk about the cultivation of garlic in Spain we must also take a look back in time, being in the fifteenth century when the Spanish introduced it to the American continent.

Where is garlic grown

If you are thinking about where garlic is grown, you should know that, despite not being a very demanding plant in climate, it needs cold.

The vegetative zero of garlic corresponds to 0ºC. From this temperature the vegetative development of the plant begins. Until the plant has 2-3 leaves, it tolerates low temperatures well. To achieve a vigorous vegetative development it is necessary that the night temperatures remain below 16ºC.

In full vegetative development it tolerates high temperatures (above 40ºC) as long as it has enough moisture in the soil.

The soils where we plant our garlic must have good drainage.

In addition, garlic, frankly beneficial for the health, adapts very well to most soils where cereals are grown. It prefers loamy or slightly clayey soils, with moderate lime content, rich in potash. It is important to provide the nutrients that the plant needs when it comes to growing garlic plants satisfactorily.

Garlic planting and cultivation

how and where garlic is grown in Spain, garlic plantation with pivot irrigation, Growing garlic in SpainIf you are thinking of planting them, you should know when the garlic is grown.

This work is usually carried out in October or November, although late plantings are sometimes carried out in late December and early January.

The success of organic garlic cultivation lies in the good preparation of the soil, with deep tillage to loosen the soil and so that the bulb can develop continuously.

People who know how to grow garlic in a traditional way, throw ashes on the land where they are going to plant it, during tillage. With this action an extra contribution of phosphorus is given.

Garlic cultivation time is usually between 7 and 9 months, therefore, choosing well where we are going to plant it is very important, since we will not have that site during that time.

As for the care of garlic during its harvest, it does not require much attention.

Irrigation varies a bit depending on the climate we are in, that is, if it is rainy seasons or not. In the case of being, we will hardly water it.

It is important that, 20 days after its harvest, we stop watering the garlic, so that we do not have conservation problems or rot.

The additional jobs are not many either, we must remove the weeds as we see.

If your doubt is how to grow large garlic, we will tell you that the procedure is the same.

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