6 September, 2019

The garlic price difference reaches 615%

COAG has published the specific data to the IPOD of August 2019, this time the garlic heads the ranking of speculative price differences reaching 615%. The […]
28 August, 2019


Natural garlic, in any of its format, fresh garlic, peeled garlic or garlic paste is for healthy purposes and is a staple in cuisines around the […]
22 August, 2019

Myths and truths you should know about garlic raw.

It is claimed that garlic is nutritious, which fights cholesterol, promotes immune system, reduces blood pressure, is anti-inflammatory, prevents colds, improves asthma, which is good even […]
24 July, 2019

The health of regular garlic eaters

Garlic does not go unnoticed. With a characteristic and forceful smell and taste, it is a fundamental element of Mediterranean cuisine and, in addition, enjoys a […]