29 January, 2020

Properties of fasting garlic, is it really beneficial?

There is a great controversy about the supposed properties of fasting garlic, many people support the theory that taking one to four cloves of garlic as […]
9 January, 2020

Tie the Garlic

When the cultivation of fresh garlic is coming to an end, at the end of spring, at that time we are almost ready to collect our […]
23 December, 2019

Monkfish Garlic Recipe for Christmas

Ingredients Monkfish Garlic: 1 kg Monkfish 300 gr of Potatoes 8 cloves of GARLIC brand “El Ajero” of Aceuchal 4 Tomatoes Oil Salt Preparation: This fish recipe […]
13 December, 2019

Some tricks with garlic

Garlic is one of the most used and valued ingredients of good cooking. We have and use it in a multitude of wonderful recipes in which […]