1 July, 2020

Benefits of garlic on the human body

Benefits of garlic on the human body There is no doubt the amount of benefits of garlic. In culinary themes it is used throughout kitchens around […]
22 June, 2020

Garlic 2020 Campaign

Garlic 2020 Campaign With the Garlic Campaign just started, the prospect of marketing is expected to be positive. The sale of the production at a good […]
13 June, 2020

Garlic producers concern.

DIFFICULTIES OF THE NEXT CAMPAIGN FOR GARLIC PRODUCERS There is great concern among garlic producers in Aceuchal with harvesting just around the corner. If in each […]
23 April, 2020

Spain: The garlic sector takes advantage of its moment

The garlic harvesting campaign will begin in about two weeks in the province of Córdoba, an activity of great economic importance in some municipalities in the […]